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    Hopefully I am just missing something.

    With the advent of BIS 2.3 you can accept a Calendar Meeting Request via OWA wirelessly on your BlackBerry. It works great. You get a calendar request via OWA on your BlackBerry.

    Now this is where things go wrong.

    Say I accept the Calendar request on my BlackBerry (again via OWA with BIS 2.3)... Then use Desktop Manager and Sync with my Calendar?

    What happens?


    Is there a way to fix that? One thought I had was if it I could accept the meeting but not have it create the meeting on my Calendar on my BlackBerry? Any settings I can tweak on the BlackBerry?

    Any thoughts?
    12-07-08 03:59 PM
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    bump! Anyone have an idea?
    12-10-08 10:20 PM
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    Here's the post here from several months ago where I asked essentially the same question I think you are asking:


    I never got an answer, but did manage to finally stumble onto the solution shown below. Warning: I'm really hazy about what a "service book" is, so what I'm about to say is likely partly nonsense, but it did work for me.

    Go to Options / Advanced Options / Service Books, and then delete the entry that reads something like

    [email protected] [CICAL]

    Deleting that CICAL service book seemed to stop the email-generated meeting notices from showing on the BB, and the only ones that remain are the "Desktop" meeting notices. I no longer have the duplicate meeting notices showing on my BB.
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