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    I came across this brilliant ad from Vodaphone India. I think it captures in a minor way the massive Indian market (One Billion People). This is where the growth of the brand is going to come from: Prepaid in Developing Countries.

    It's titled "We're the Blackberry Boys"

    (WARNING: You listen to this twice, you'll be humming it all day)
    09-23-10 01:04 AM
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    Whoops.....need 10 posts to post up the YouTube thread. This is #9
    09-23-10 01:06 AM
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    Here's the link:
    09-23-10 01:07 AM
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    Whoops.....sorry.....here's the link, this time with the cut and paste completed:

    YouTube - We're the Blackberry Boys - Vodafone Ad
    09-23-10 01:08 AM
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    Haha different but good ad
    09-23-10 08:44 AM