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    So for my internship, all the employees have their work blackberry's and BES. i have my personal BB and only have BIS, so i set up OWA on my phone. Get my emails and all that fine.

    Issue im running into is if someone emails me, it comes through to the phone fine, but if i reply to it whether it be from the computer or phone, i then wil recieve the same email again.

    Any idea why its doing this or how to fix it?
    07-14-10 09:36 AM
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    No suggestions? I have battery pulled and removed the email account and re-added it by the way
    07-20-10 08:02 AM
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    also now what will happen is randomly every other day or so it will re send like ten emails to my phone at a time
    08-05-10 10:52 AM