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    I have to find a new phone to replace my Palm device which I've used to sync 2 way with outlook for years. Haven't picked a new device yet. I've looked all over the internet and this forum and haven't found a definitive answer.

    1) How does Blackberry handle categories in Contacts?
    Are my Outlook categories passed over to the BB? Outlook handles multiple categories and I make use of them. I wouldn't think BB could handle that.
    My Palm device created a new Outlook field called PalmCategory which I had to populate manually. I can live with that.
    Also if I create a contact on BB and assign a category does that show up on Outlook?
    I'd also like to use Category for Calendar, Tasks, and Notes but could live without those.

    2) On the BB is it easy to search for a Contact in just a specific Category?

    3) Other concern is the Notes field in Contacts. Does that sync as well? Is there a limit on how long a note BB can handle? I use fairly long notes to track details about clients.

    My brain is numb from everything I've read.

    I want to sync with Outlook 2007 if that makes a difference. Haven't picked a BB device yet.

    Any help appreciated.


    02-11-12 10:08 AM
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    Contacts can use multiple categories (that was one thing I hated with the old Palm OS).
    The only thing with BB PIM that doesn't use categories is the calendar.
    02-11-12 12:45 PM
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    I'm on a corporate device on BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Server) where everything in Outlook is sync'd with the BlackBerry, so I'm not sure if categories are automatically sync'd on BIS (standard consumer BlackBerry Internet Service).

    But I do know categories including multiple categories for the same contact are fully supported, and yes, it is very easy to search or filter by category.

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    02-11-12 01:05 PM
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    Thanks for reply's.
    Now I take the plunge.
    02-12-12 01:16 PM