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    I had the BDM setup and working to sync my Outlook Personal Folders (Calendar and Contacts) just fine. Using Outlook 2007.

    Then, I setup Exchange integration for corporate e-mail. That disabled my BDM and it cannot be reenabled.

    I need to sync both the Corporate (to the corp calendar) plus my personal folders for Calendar and Contacts. However, I cannot get them to talk.

    I tried: syncing Outlook to Google Calendar and Contacts but it doesn't care what profile you're working with and therefore polluted my corp calendar with all my personal appts.

    Any way to sync JUST the Outlook Personal Folders separately and without mixing with the corp calendar?
    10-30-09 10:12 AM
  2. Houde's Avatar
    For posterity, here's how I resolved this issue!

    I went into my BlackBerry

    >> Options

    >> Advanced Options

    >> Default Services

    >> Calendar (CICAL) and selected MyUsername as the calendar.

    >> In BDM, I reset the Synchronization with my Calendar.

    Now, when I sync using BDM (with a USB cable) I get all my personal calendar items in my BlackBerry. Further, when I add an item to my Exchange Calendar, it syncs wirelessly, of course.
    11-02-09 11:00 AM