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    I am using a Tour (OS and BES. I want to be able to view files that are in my cabinet on outlook using my Tour. My company has a 100MB limit on the outlook mailbox so most of my emails get filed away in a .pst file that I cannot get to with my phone. I can however see the cabinet folders on my phone.

    Problem is the only files I am seeing in these folders are ones I have recently moved over. In my folders "General Options" I have "Hide Read Filed Messages" set to NO and also "Keep Messages" set to Forever. Am I missing something?

    I just want a place other than my inbox where I can store message indefinitely and be able to access them.

    10-26-09 02:51 PM
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    Let me ask a different way. I'm sure there are some here that are on BES and have outlook synced and also have cabinet folders under their Mailbox. Are you able to see all the files in your cabinet folders that you can see on your desktop? If you can, are there any special setting you had to do?

    10-27-09 02:16 PM