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    All time to put on your Genuis hats or send me a dunce one. I have a problem that has follwed me from my 8830 to my new Storm. I am receiving all my email through BIS with the exception of mail from one person. Mail from that person shows up correctly with attachments and all in Outlook, but never to my BB. Like i said this followed me from one handset to another, so i can eliminate the handset. Does any one know what could be the cause of this, a setting in Outlook 2007, or BIS that i have missed. Verizon had me wipe the handheld and delete all email from BIS but neither worked.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    12-02-08 10:17 PM
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    Not an expert but I wonder if you somehow set a filter on your BIS website that's restricting that email from being delivered. Have you logged in to your carrier's BIS site to check that?

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    12-02-08 11:16 PM
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    like jbeachy said, I would verify there are no filters set up in BIS
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    12-02-08 11:40 PM