1. sonicbomb's Avatar

    i just bought a new laptop on black friday as well as a new curve.
    I am up to date on all of the software, but when I try to sync the curve to outlook I just get an error message that says,

    Your email account is not associated with a Blackberry Enterprise Server. The Blackberry Desktop Redirector will be configured to rediriect your email messages, a new encryption key will be provided"
    Click OK- Wiggle wiggle wiggle mouse... and

    "The computer does not know it's message account address. Either the messaging system is not configured properly or this messaging system is not supported.

    Click ok, the manager tries to sync, but then I get this message...

    "Intellisync: Unknown Error reported"

    I did install my outlook today, but i did not assign an email address to it, the ones I tried (yahoo basic and my school email) did not work.

    Please help, I just want to get my calendar and my contacts to be backed up onto my desktop!


    12-16-08 11:29 PM