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    I spoke with Ian at BB today and we figured out the problem. As some of you may know, I have been dealing with a problem: the bb has been removing the reminder flag when I sync with Outlook 2007. I now know why. When a task pops up on the bb, I have been clicking on the “escape” key on the device. The problem is this will remove the “reminder” flag when I sync with outlook 2007.

    According to Ian, the only way to avoid this problem is for me to click “open” on each task as it pops up on the bb and change the reminder. Since I have anywhere from 50-100 tasks popping up every day, this is a major problem for me as that is way too time consuming.

    Surely, there are other Palm users like myself that have switched to a BB and are having this same problem. If there is some third party software which would fix this problem I will buy it, just let me know what it is. PLEASE HELP!
    11-11-08 10:42 AM
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    I know some of you are having the same problem as above from the emails I have been getting. Even if you are not having this problem (and you should be if you are using tasks in outlook as they WILL pop up on any bb device that you own), I would appreciate it if you could email bb and ask them to fix it. The emails are below:



    Of course, if anyone knows of a solution, let me know. If I don't find one quickly, I a switching carriers and I am going back to a Palm.
    11-12-08 08:25 AM