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    I have executed due diligence on this site before posting the following potentially "too simple" question. I have formatted the Subject to match a likely search done. I remain certain it has been answered over and over again, yet I don't find those answered.

    Basic: Outlook 2003 at work. Limited (very) IT support. BES. BB Curve 8520.

    I have many folders set up on Outlook with corresponding filters (Outlook) such as one for the president of my company, the VP's, etc. whose email I do not want to get lost in the shuffle of the hundreds.

    Problem: Although these folders are all present on BB they are all empty AND any mail that gets filtered to these folders (in Outlook) does not get forwarded to my BB. I.E. if I activate the "President" filter in Outlook then when "President" sends me email I do not get it on my BB. For me to get "President" email to BB I have to disable it on Outlook but then email from "President" gets lost in Outlook amongst the noise of the many.

    Finally, to the moderator (if such exists) -- Could there be a seperate forum for such subject?
    01-03-11 08:56 PM
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    Is the contents of those folders on their own .pst file?

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    01-03-11 09:05 PM
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    I'm on BES and we all had the same problem after an Outlook client upgrade. Even though it was related to the client, our IT department had to reconfigure a BES setting to cause the folders to repopulate. Sorry, I don't know what they did but I suspect it is not something you can fix on the client side. Except... You DO have those folders checked for sync, right? :-)

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    01-04-11 07:47 AM