1. Magic Rat#WN's Avatar
    Kind of a blackberry-related question but probably more of an Outlook question. Just don't know who to ask and you guys are so smart.

    I have Outlook 2007 at work and at home. My staff uses Outlook 2003. Employee A will forward me an email thread and all I will get at work is her message but not the original content that is being forwarded. I do get the full message on my blackberry. I also get it if I access it through OWA. If I forward the full message from my blackberry back to her she gets it all in Outlook 2003 but I don't at work or at home (both Outlook 2007). All I can think of is some sort of incompatibility between 2003 and 2007. Have tried disabling antivirus software but that makes no difference. This doesn't seem to happen all of the time as I am able to receive forwarded emails from her and others so am not sure what could be going wrong. Thoughts anyone?
    10-13-09 06:31 PM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    Have you tried viewing in plain txt in Outlook 2007?

    could it be a viewing option, I use 2007 exclusively and have not yet noticed a discrepancy between BB and OL e-mails I recieve from clients and I am sure I'm getting OL 2000, and 2003 emails
    10-13-09 08:01 PM
  3. Magic Rat#WN's Avatar
    Have tried that. I might have a clue though. The trouble is mainly with one employee and she changed the company logo in her signature recently. I am thinking she used one that is too big for use in a signature and maybe it's causing trouble. Won't be able to test that out until tomorrow. Blackberry probably strips it out while Outlook tries to use it (and everything after it gets trashed)??? Thing is if you send from Blackberry to Outlook 2003 the full message shows up ok. Just doesn't show completely when sent to Outlook 2007.
    10-13-09 08:57 PM