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    So I had a few problems this weekend, all unrelated but caused a nightmare. First I had my main computer die, luckily I did not loose anything. So I ran out and got another computer. Then the next day another computer in the house fried the HD and some parts internally. So that was a loss but was only used for e mail and paying bills so not a big deal.

    So while trying to reinstall everything I had lost an important program I use to help with the network, I was stuck with an old version as its not supported anymore. Took 2 days to find the newer versions I was using on all my other computers.

    All along I was getting an old laptop setup to replace the one computer for bills and e mail. No luck with the built in wifi. Would connect but not allow internet. So I had an external card and that worked.

    I had fiddled around with my router, resetting it to new no encryption as that was the only way to get the laptop to connect. Later I was successful with the encryption on. Once in a while I would test the wifi with my BB on a streaming radio app. I would notice it would not connect.

    So to make a long story short it was the laptop. If its on it must block my BB wifi. I have no other devices that transmit wifi. So it must of been that laptop.
    My phone was about 5 feet away when this would happen. Could it be a router thing, ip address conflict or does the laptop interfere.

    I have a wireless router outside connected to my main router and that would always work with my bb if I walked outside. But near that laptop even the outside connection would connect, just not allow internet to go through.

    05-29-11 05:25 PM
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    I think the answer is no, it's not common. Have you tried pulling up the router's admin screens and seeing which IP addresses are assigned to which machines? Are your laptop and BB both configured to get their IP address dynamically from the router? Maybe the laptop is configured for static IP and it's clashing with the BB's dynamic IP address or vice versa. I use a mix of dynamic/static IPs on my home network, but set up thee router to assign dynamic IPs in the .1xx range while the static IPs are all .2xx.

    Also I'm confused by your mention of "inside" and "outside" routers. Are you using two wireless routers? Are they by chance using the same channel?

    Have you run the Wi-Fi Diagnostics test on your BB when this problem is occurring?

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    06-11-11 12:28 AM
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    inside is wireless router, outside is wireless access point
    they have been up and running for about 1 year, if they are on the same channel which I dont know if they are this is the first time I had problems with anything wifi connecting.

    so far the problem never came back, and ive used another wifi laptop outside next to the phone while the phone is on wifi streaming a radio show, and inside so it could of been some ip address issue, maybe both were trying to get one at the same time. I use a program to manage my network, so maybe that was assigning the addresses and was being delayed

    of course I havent used the laptop that caused the problems, but the last time I used it when I had made this post it ended up working, ive been using another wireless laptop since
    06-11-11 08:34 AM
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    Maybe it's the program you are using and not the laptop.
    06-11-11 08:46 AM
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    You know whats weird, I totally forgot I have been using that old laptop outside for months with that built in wifi card, with my phone next to it streaming radio shows too. But it was talking to the outside access point. But once in a while that laptop would drop the signal, I wasnt to far away but I was in a shed. Phone would always stay connected

    So maybe there was a conflict with the inside router somehow, which would also cause the phone to get disconnected from it. Just too many things happening at once with all the computers getting replaced. Also I was using that older version of the network program, about 3 days later I was able to find the updated one so now on all computers they are using the same version

    No matter what the problem has not come back
    06-11-11 08:59 AM
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    Have you looked for an updated firmware for your router?
    06-11-11 03:55 PM
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    I did on the site years ago but there was no option for upgrade linksys WCG200
    Its really old, probably the longest lasting computer part I have

    dont really know if one was ever available
    06-11-11 03:57 PM
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    If it's that old that could be a problem. I see it's a gateway but here is the support page.

    Linksys by Cisco - WCG200 Support
    06-11-11 04:02 PM
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    Mine is a cable modem, router and wireless router all in one
    it also has 2 antennas

    if that matters

    Firmware Version:

    06-11-11 04:07 PM
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    Not sure about that could be that it's old or could be a setting or could be the access point. Too hard for me to say. It could also be the driver on the laptop. Are all your devices g? If not maybe some of the n devices or the router has trouble dropping the n devices to g or the wireless card itself has trouble dropping from n to g?

    Maybe go into the forums for your other devices and ask there.
    06-11-11 04:22 PM
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    Nothing I have does N, unless my phone does I dont know

    The old laptop may be B all other wireless here is G
    But the router/modem is set to b/g and channel 11
    im pretty sure the outside access point is on another channel

    its not a big deal, whatever I did seemed to solve the problem, I had to reset the modem and start over. So who knows it was running for a couple years without a reset

    if it wasnt such a hassle I would get a newer one but I have to call the cable company and give them the mac address, and all that to activate a new one
    06-11-11 04:25 PM
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    Cool, I do know that if you have a wireless n router and connect a wireless g device to it all of your n devices will drop to g.
    06-11-11 04:28 PM
  13. dangleberrys's Avatar
    really, that sucks. I do know thats why they have multiple antennas so one isnt overloaded, I guess devices can go to one of them
    I figured on the n routers since some have all sorts of antennas maybe some were for the slower speeds as they use different frequencies

    but since everything here is old, and not N I saw no need to get anything N compatible but for the newer access point in my garage it only came B,G,N

    do you know what the phone uses, im guessing G/B
    06-11-11 04:31 PM
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    What phone do you have? And maybe that old laptop is b or some of the other devices and your phone or laptap doesn't support b? I'm just guessing here.
    06-11-11 04:45 PM
  15. dangleberrys's Avatar
    curve 8530
    06-11-11 04:46 PM
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    Phone is b and g.
    06-11-11 04:48 PM