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    i can not send emails, but receive them fine.

    i have 5 email accounts configured on my phone for a while, all of them
    used to work fine when i had BB OS 5 on my handheld.

    then i upgraded to OS 6 and now 3 of them work fine for both send and
    receive. the three that work are yahoo, gmail and 1company1.

    the other 2 email addresses receive email fine, but can not send.

    when i reply or compose, the option to send is seen in the menu, i hit send
    and i get the "clock" symbol. emails just dont go!

    i am using a Bold 9700, which is originally Verizon, but unlocked and
    successfully used with Loop Mobile (India) for the past one year.

    i have tried the following things:
    1. battery pull
    2. delete email accounts and re-create them
    3. send service books from my handheld
    4. register bb to wireless network
    5. i even put my SIM card in an old phone (OS5), back-up the legacy service
    books using desktop software and restored the legacy service books on my
    phone with the OS6

    before i did the legacy service books, nothing but calls and bbm was working

    Calls work fine, text does, browser does, 3/5 emails do, BBM does.

    Just these two email addresses of 2company2 (the domain is same for the two
    that dont work) (and it is different from the one that does work) (so say for
    illustration purposes, the company email that does work is yahoo.com and
    the ones that dont work are live.com)

    I am using BIS for all my emails, not BES. Have always used BIS.

    anything any one can think of?
    06-02-11 12:28 PM
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    One post will do fine. No need to post all over the forum.
    06-02-11 12:36 PM
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    I deleted your extra posts. Please don't make multiple posts on the same topic, it is poor etiquette and tends to get unkind comments from the other users.

    There is no way your 9700 was ever a Verizon device. However, that doesn't make a real difference to the problem. You give more detail for the accounts that work so we are pretty much guessing about the failures, but for a guess, the mail server for the failing accounts might require either a password, or an encrypted (e.g. SSL) connection which has not been configured correctly on your phone when you reloaded the OS. The email server admin should be able to tell you the settings required, and you can ask again here if you need guidance to do the setup.
    06-02-11 01:08 PM