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    Barring a clean system wipe, I've done it all: Revo, CCleaner, Surface Diagnostics Toolkits (for the Surface 3, but I've also had no dice with my desktop either), firewall and antivirus disabled during every step of the process.

    I do know that Blend does in fact work on Windows 10 because I connected with my old laptop and checking the device manager Blackberry Virtual Private Network is detected and functioning properly. On the Surface and the desktop however device manager does not detect the BB VPN... but there is an unknown device that I'm almost positive it is the aforementioned missing driver because I uninstalled it (after trying to update through windows and manually from the "Install Drivers" function on my passport) and it reappeared after a clean install of the BB OS 10 software suite.

    Help much appreciated!
    05-29-16 06:22 PM

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