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    Hello everyone!

    I have a Z30 and was running the OS 10.2.1. My games and all apps ran smoothly without any hassles. I had tried a 10.3 leak but reverted to the official 10.2 cos i found some apps didnt work (crashed immediately after launch). Eventually, i got the notofication for the official 10.3.1 upgrade.


    1. many of my games dont load. they just freeze at the loading phase and nothing happens. I later found out that this was an error with all the games that are connected or integrated into the 'game centre/scoreloop' app. I have tried to solve it and learnt that blackberry have discontinued support for scoreloop but didn't expect that it would cause issues loading games.

    2. Zara and some other apps still crash right on launch. they just wont work except i revert to an older OS. so i'm guessing the developers may need to update them to make them compatible.

    I have backed up, wiped and restored countless times. when i do that, it makes it impossible for some apps to function and so i wiped and downloaded all my apps all over. upgraded to the 10.3 again and still have the same issues. Also, the upgrade still hasn't taken the 'game centre' app away from the phone and i know that on 10.2, the app is automatically launched when i try to play a game, i select 'not now' and i am able to continue with the game but right now, that isn't the case. factory reset and wipes havent solved the issue and i have apps that cannot function on the phone. Is there any way around this issue?

    Thank you!
    02-23-15 02:50 PM

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