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    After installing the "leaked" OS about a week ago, here are some observations. Quickpull never got my memory above 31.4, and within two or three hours it was down to 21.4. I deleted all the "gamer" apps, plus Facebook & Twitter, used Quickpull, and my memory is rock solid at 38.9 for the past four hours. Even though i never opened any of the aformentioned apps, nobody can convince me that they still don't drain memory. I still have Airplane Mode, Crackberry Launcher, Dodgers Mobile Shortcut, ESPN Mobilweb, Istock Manager, Directv Scheduler, The Weather Channel, Weatherbug(which runs constantly), XE Currency, Quickpull, and one of Mio's Themes on the phone. I also deleted the service books along with those apps. Any comments will be appreciated.
    05-26-10 08:20 PM