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    OS 4.6 BlackBerry JDE Released To Partners
    May 26th, 2008 by Ronen Halevy

    BlackberryuniverseforpartnersI just got word that RIM has just released some of the development tools for OS 4.6 to their BlackBerry Universe Partners.

    Included in this update:

    * 4.6.0 BlackBerry JDE Beta 1 Release Notes
    * 4.6.0 BlackBerry JDE Component Package Beta 1
    * 4.6.0 BlackBerry JDE Beta 1

    This is just another sign that the public OS 4.6 release is coming soon. These tools are what developers need to design applications for the new OS.

    I wonder what tools RIM has added to the developer arsenal with this latest JDE release

    OS 4.6 BlackBerry JDE Released To Partners | BerryReview
    05-26-08 09:19 AM
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    I would really like the 9000 theme. I'm tired of the themes out there that try to simulate the theme.

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    05-28-08 11:50 PM
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    escuse me but the 4.6 is only for the bold or for all bb(ive 8820)????

    ps sorry my english is ttttttoooooooo bbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd
    05-29-08 02:12 AM
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    OS 4.6 from what I have read is for the newer BB's, that doesn't mean it won't come out for the 88xx and 83xx but there has been no word yet that I have read about. That also doesn't mean it isn't out there either.
    05-29-08 11:46 AM
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    What the eff man so they changed it to 4.6 now?

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    05-31-08 05:24 PM
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    So they're changing it again?

    I though 4.6 was going to be the bold and the kick start os?

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    05-31-08 05:39 PM
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    i thought the kickstart was coming out with 5.0 actually and thebold would be ugradable to 5.0 when it comes out.

    kickstart having 5.0 here... Exclusive: The BlackBerry KickStart Flip Experience | CrackBerry.com last paragraph before comments.
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    05-31-08 05:45 PM
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    Both bold and kickstart should be 4.6 when they get released.
    05-31-08 08:34 PM
  9. krapowskater1's Avatar
    dose that mean the cuve wont get it
    and is it leeked at all yet?
    05-31-08 08:56 PM