1. girl_with_extra's Avatar
    i have all my emails by date on my bb. on my mac using eudora i have folders
    easier to visually see whats where. i use earthlink to push my earthlink email to my bb. that works great! i get a copy every email goes to my mac. the ding sounds great. i must say since having bb i would never go backk tto a , ugh, razr!
    now if oonly i could figure few things out. any tips 4 newbies e4mail organizing? also i see loking at who its from it lists persons name, not email address. can that be changed. i know addresses better than names. seems address book is mixed up with numbers and email addresses. some people i only communicate thru phone calls, others only by email. but address book lists names everyone. am i repklying by email or by phoning. shouldnt there be two address books? one 4 phone, one for email? iim sure veteran bb users see thru my inexperience so that why im asking! thank you wonderfull bb users
    02-13-08 01:21 AM