1. mhessen6's Avatar
    I currently have a 8320 curve and have had it awhile and love it. However, its gettin old and lately its just been hour glassing and letting me down (plus i'm bored). So i'm contemplating getting the 8220 flip to get me by until t-mo hopefully gets a new exciting blackberry next year.

    so what do y'all think about the curve vs the flip? is it worth it? or am i going to hate it and will have to go back to my curve?
    12-05-08 12:49 AM
  2. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    Only you can decide if it is worth it or if you are going to hate it.
    What is important to me or anyone else may be totally irrelevant
    to you. Suggestion: Go into a store and try it out. If it blows your
    hair back then that's your new phone.
    12-05-08 12:59 AM
  3. eve6er69's Avatar
    I just think the keys r a little small for my liking

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    12-05-08 01:23 AM
  4. amazinglygraceless's Avatar
    I just think the keys r a little small for my liking
    I have a Pearl and a Curve. I truly believe the Pearl has a far superior keyboard.
    This thing on the Curve is a train wreck by comparison.
    12-05-08 01:32 AM
  5. devonair's Avatar
    Ugh... I could never type on a Pearl-type keyboard. It always felt like a minor improvement over T9. I need a full keyboard to keep me from throwing the phone against the wall. Lol, but just imagine a Flip with a Curve size keyboard -- how comical. Oh wait, I owned one of those back in 2002... back then it was called the Treo 300, hahaha.
    12-05-08 03:06 AM
  6. noaim's Avatar
    im not saying the flip is a bad phone but I feel going from a curve to a flip your not going to like it..

    you say your getting the hour glass maybe its time to clear out some stuff or wipe the device and install a fresh os ;D
    12-05-08 04:47 AM
  7. gritmaster's Avatar
    I would go with the advice AG gave you. Go to your local store and get some hands on experience - see if you like it or not.

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    12-05-08 04:55 AM
  8. BBAndi's Avatar
    I like and have both.

    for me the curve is faster on the net and the bigger screen is nice.

    The flip is great as you can fit it in the pocket.

    For me I would get the curve 8900 (very nice)

    BlackBerry Curve 8900 gets official for T-Mobile Germany - Engadget
    12-05-08 04:59 AM
  9. Spinny's Avatar
    One letter, one key. Anything else just isn't a real BB in my book. The Curve's keyboard rocks, and is very easy on the fingers. YMMV.
    12-05-08 06:14 AM