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    As a side note, I have my marketing mid-term exam tmwr so I decided to take a litttle break from reading and post on Crackberry. One of the topics in my notes is buzz marketing and what that is, is basically word of mouth.

    I've read a couple of threads and a lot of them have the same issue. Its that the salesman do not push BlackBerry at all. The Crackberry community are not affected as we all are much more well informed about BlackBerry news. However, for the average schmuck who wants to buy a phone will have intentions of buying BlackBerry only to have the sales rep to convince them otherwise.

    Lets be honest for a moment here. The majority of sales rep do not follow blackberry closely, nor should they. They make dangerous assumption that still follows BlackBerry today because noone has vouched for BlackBerry. The other day my friend was still teasing me about the black clock of lag when I was using my q10. He didnt even know that there is a new software os.

    Our last "creative manager" was a bit of a bust. But im sorry, alicia keyes is not cool. She's a singer. BlackBerry please rebrand yourself and associate yourself with cool people. I dont care who it is, and from thee forums it seems like that Drake is a worthy candidate (he's doing a wonderful job with the Toronto Raptors at the moment). Make BlackBerry cool again and the sales rep will tell everyone how great BlackBerry is.

    To take this a step further. Give the employees of verizon, rogers or tmobile, deals. Make it such that it will be such a hard offer to turn down that I see the sales rep switch th BlackBerry. Why? Because once you use it, theres no excuse not to find out how much BlackBerry has improved.

    Sorry if there are a lot of grammatical mistakes but I gotta go back to studying lol.

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    02-27-14 11:18 PM
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    I like your ideas. We are all buzz marketers for BB. Can we get some free devices???
    02-28-14 08:58 AM

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