1. Bla1ze's Avatar

    Changes since Opera Mini 4 beta 2
    • Added Link support
    • Added Speed Dials
    • Added RSS feed support
    • Added shortcut *+0 for feeds
    • Added shortcuts for speed dials (*+[speed dial number])
    • Added function to ask the transcoders for the title and favicon of a new bookmark or speed dial
    • Stylus devices can now scroll shortcut help overlays
    • Changed "Fit to width" to "Mobile view"
    • Changed "Autozoom" to "Show overview"
    • Low, medium and high image quality setting
    • Images fit better to the screen (no panning)
    • Improved BiDi support
    • Page position and scaling is now preserved after reload of page
    • Stylus devices without pointer motion events should be able to scroll anyway, just not in realtime
    • Faked transcoding progress when using feeds
    • Show numbers in ordered lists
    • Improved stylesheet handling
    • Focus highlight now looks inactive when loading
    • New and improved server side cookie handling
    10-27-07 06:08 AM
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    Can i just use T-zones on my blackberry phone and the opera bowser mini 4 bata 3 to surf the internet ? yes no if so i am gona do that 20.00 more is retared to use the phones internet >_< theres got to be a nother way and use t-zones thats on every ones mind please emial me the answer to this try it please go to
    steveajr@msn.com is my email ill be wateing for a answer to this please help me out thank you
    11-06-07 10:07 AM