1. KKL's Avatar
    I just got a BB Curve 9330 (verizon) to replace the BB Bold I was having signal issues with.

    I get time sensitive emails, while I think we got the delivery of emails handled (via Gmail) I now have another problem...I have to click on a link to accept, problem is it seems to take an eternity to open the link, which goes to a simple readout (we aren't talking images or heavy graphics to download here). Working within the OS 6 browser is also painfully slow...it was on the Bold too.

    I looked at old posts and saw tips to increase browsing speed on OS 5, but nothing for the phones with OS 6.

    Any suggestions?
    06-29-11 10:37 AM
  2. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    Disable javasrcipt, that slows down the OS6 browser quite a bit on heave sites

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    06-29-11 10:53 AM