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    Interesting letter by bb10qnx.de to John Chen.

    Here is the link,


    "Hello John,

    these are actually just thoughts and not necessarily real, but just imagine*that it is*true or possibly would be true.

    At such dark days, when browsing on numerous blogs on that topic, sometimes it occurs to me to think about your employees and customers. Then I begin to ponder about why this company isnt running*smoothly for years and somehow not even want so. I could even imagine a very bad*mood, because the company is known*for*doing everything possible for the success of the equipment division and the brand.

    There are some points to mention that I have written down*on a single*page for you. Sometimes something falls*under the table in such a*large company and that might wouldnt be benefical in these days.

    The discontinuation of the BlackBerry Z10 without a successor. This is a defiance of God-given equal anatomy and your colleague Steve, may God have mercy on his soul, had understood this.
    The more or less secret discontinuation of the BlackBerry Z30, which slows down*the purchase of satisfactory quality.
    Too bad that the successor,*we also had to wait for, has gaps in*hardware, optics and features and couldnt be as good as its predecessor.
    The discontinuation of the BlackBerry Q10 ran well and as planned on date, rare but true. But the introduction of the successor was a little bit delayed.
    Indeed in the intervening time you have offered an alternative. By the*unconventional Rittersport form factor you could earn honor and glory. By the way why is it so much cheaper in the online shop right now?
    Your are great in making an*incredible secret about the product line and their progress. This also*done by numerous unpaid international bloggers + leaker, so-called advertising volunteers.
    Oh and by the way, those are mentioned, who want to or could build a sales strategy, but just able to offer their customers and other interested parties nothing but rumors.
    And dont forget the customers who want(ed) to buy something. Ive forgotten them in this points, my fault.

    They have to experience*from BlackBerry partners and reseller, that the devices, which they wanted to order, arent available. So they have to wait for months, set new projects or cancel the whole project.

    But BlackBerry still has a blessing in disguise, because there is still the 1% Gartner minority, who is related to the products they buy and keep BlackBerry alive.

    What is the reason for such ethnicities to act like this?

    Perhaps because

    the product quality and philosophy*are going over big
    a certain security concept prevails
    OS/10 has an excellent usability with an*Android emulator on top.
    What would the customers, and we are included, wish rather than what is offered?

    Regarding to this point you are*already saving money: The blogger and leaker even assume the customer surveys in addition to advertising and providing information. Stuff like this come across:

    Reliable information that BlackBerry*stands for the product OS/10 and not announce Android instead. A simple e-mail doesnt matter in this case.
    We would also really like to know which product at what date is officially available. And soon enough in order to plan. And not getting the information from any interview with you.
    We, for the most part were business customers, would like*to plan our future financially and strategically. This is our investment protection and its clearly in our focus. We are also more like the proactive type, if you are still familiar with this term.
    Especially we would be happy about*devices with daily updated hardware, clearly defined availability and sources and hardware and software prices.
    We want a RIM, who figures their customes as their partners for a common future.
    We dont want*RIM to be a subdivision of Samsung or something in which a worm could be inside. And we are not talking*about fruits.
    We want mainstay and honesty, and no rumors circulating in the press.
    We dont want an*Android Slider, a 1% minority is worth to be protected.
    We want faster innovation and release cycles. No outdated hardware like Leap and Classic, no adventurous form factors.

    How would the world might look like after an Android implementation and the Big Bang?

    Android with a OS/10 UI?

    Kernel extensions so that MDM is possible?

    Dual boot? On the one hand is explained BlackBerry*stands up for OS/10 and on the other Android is introduced. Parallel existence? Or what about?

    The device resources (CPU and RAM) are not enough*for Android. Performance? Why all the advantages, that we have now, gamble instead of standing up for this?
    Probability and risk assessment
    is indeed such a point. What should be still*known in professional management, right?

    Im just a simple man with*the effort to put one and one together. I have*a sense of foreboding.

    99% percent of people indulging in Android and iOS. How many percentage points of this market could BlackBerry get by Android-introduction?

    1% are loyal OS/10 customers. If they would be on Android, how many of them would stay with BlackBerry hardware?

    I think*that this doesnt work out. I think BlackBerry could be great again when it finally succeeded to take the stigma of the brand, generate a hype and become really great to be teenie- and business man compliant. Mud has to stick.

    No! Its not only*guaranteed by factors such as

    unity and solidarity
    proximity to customers
    To achieve this, we recommend the tried and true panacea such as:

    Strange*interviews with seemingly witty punch lines to give non-binding and shadowy announcements at the most inopportune times
    Fire committed and critical employees
    Leave customers*and prospects in the dark about everything
    Announce partnerships and build them up, but ultimately perish and*manage to do nothing
    Represent 20 different license models per year, so its guaranteed that everyone*knows about the current*model
    Free*bad press because positive marketing can not be a model of success and it would cost money
    Give the customer the feeling that he is on holiday at the speedway. Its easy: an ongoing zigzag course of management will do it. Take a look*on*Petronas.
    Current certificates signed by the old CEOs.
    John, Im sorry that might offend you with my words. But I think we have arrived at a point where you have to take a new way.

    Sincerely and best regards"

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    06-15-15 02:15 PM
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    Author should say I instead of we.

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    06-15-15 05:05 PM
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    The English is somewhat broken. The 'tried and true panacea' list is uh...sarcastic?
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    06-15-15 05:11 PM
  4. Prem WatsApp's Avatar
    Some good points, some rambling, some ranting.

    Might have given that to a mate with better English to proof-read and check grammar and spelling...

    (We know what's under the hood - and appreciate! -, what a secure OS means, etc. The majority of the rest of the population (the described 99%?) actually only see(s) what's on the screen, sometimes not even that. They often can't figure out a menu structure, if it's there and you can tap it, it's ok, and they will tap it. If it's not visible, well... They have no idea about the code that makes an OS, and an app(lication), that there can be "good code" and "bad code". For them the distinguisher is, it either "works" or it "doesn't work", they either "understand it" or "don't understand it", where the data goes they put into these devices, that your data can be safe on the device or syphoned off by malicious apps or OS makers into their big data vaults called "cloud"... Mmmhhh I'll leave it at that...)


      Pastaporto aglio e olio... Mmmhhh!  
    06-15-15 05:21 PM
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    Very hard to read and follow.

    I was with it for about the first quarter, and was able to somewhat follow the train of thought. But then my brain just began to hurt too much trying to decipher that train as it kept going.

    And what's with all the asterisks arbitrarily placed all over between words?

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    06-16-15 10:30 AM
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    Very hard to read, even in german (seems to be native german).

    In my humble opinion : no need to read. Nothing new, disorganised, and I always ask myself : 'what's the point? '

    Some valid points are there but somehow 'lost' in the unreadable text and language style.

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    06-17-15 12:42 AM
  7. chopachain's Avatar
    BB going with Android is only a rumor. But if it were true. I can side with this guy. I don't think BB ever really tried. If BB had done all the advertising, marketing and a high end full touch etc. and then failed, then I could side with BB.

    How would the world might look like after an Android implementation and the Big Bang? Lol. Never thought about that.
    06-17-15 02:09 AM
  8. Maxxxpower's Avatar
    Some fanboys, not realizing the current state of Blackberry and what Chen really needs to do.
    06-17-15 02:18 AM
  9. Dave79's Avatar
    Author should say I instead of we.
    Well the letter is signed by 71 people so I guess they are entitled to use WE.
    06-17-15 02:33 AM
  10. Iggy City's Avatar
    Just shorten it down to 4 words:

    Hello John,

    Don't f### this up.

    The BlackBerry Loyal
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    06-17-15 09:38 AM
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    BB10 never had a chance. Released while it was still beta software, on outdated, underspec'd and overpriced hardware just before the next set of Android flagship were launching but everyone knew what was coming. I mean it was only out for 8 months before the for sale went up and Chen took the helm. Chen has out zero effort into BB10 hardware or software, took over a year to get a Q10 with a tool belt developed, and released a Z10 with a bigger screen and less capabilities. I seriously wish some company would buy BlackBerry, take control of BB10, and try to make it successful, because BlackBerry has been incompetent in all aspects as a company since the Storm debacle.

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    06-17-15 11:52 AM
  12. asvab7's Avatar
    Written so poorly, he should never read it! Compose it again in a clear fashion and then you might have something to read and that flows in a manner that is coherent. I would never attach my name to it nor expect a CEO of a major company to give it any weight.

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    06-17-15 12:06 PM
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    What's your intention here? I couldn't even figure it out, there is an overabundance of ideas and critiques. Very good prose but I would get someone to help you proofread and maybe come up with a clear 3-4 points you are trying to get across.

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    06-19-15 11:09 AM

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