1. mtuser2007's Avatar

    I managed to get my 8830 Verizon BB set up with email. My non-web email accounts are simple internet email accounts usually picked up by Outlook, no exchange. My computer picks up mail every 10 minutes. I estimate only 50% of my email is forwarded.

    What settings do I need to change to see all my email on my BB as well as my computer?

    07-01-09 07:40 PM
  2. mark-d's Avatar
    You need to change the settings in Outlook to leave the mail on the server so BIS can pick it up and push it to your device.
    07-01-09 08:14 PM
  3. mtuser2007's Avatar
    I realize this sounds like a dumb question, but doesn't that mean that the email builds up on the server? My inbox is only 10mb big.
    07-01-09 08:52 PM
  4. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    You can set the number of days that the messages are saved to avoid that problem.
    07-01-09 09:05 PM
  5. mtuser2007's Avatar
    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, I still don't understand. My ISP does not provide any service tied to days for deleting email. Also, I note on the BB that when you delete the email from it, it offers the option to delete "on mailbox and handheld." Does this mean the ISP mailbox or the computer that collects the mail?

    I guess I fundamentally don't understand BB technology. I thought emails could be collected by a computer AND on the BB. It sounds like the only way they get on a computer is if you collect them on the BB and sync with a a computer. Is that right?
    07-02-09 09:21 AM
  6. iamtim's Avatar
    It sounds like BB technology isn't what you're misunderstanding. Do you know if your "simple internet email accounts" are POP or IMAP? If they're POP, probably what's happening is that when you check your mail through Outlook the messages are downloaded to your computer and erased from your mailbox before they get a chance to go to the BB. That's SOP for POP email.

    Keeping your email on the server is an Outlook option. Go into your Outlook properties (location varies depending on version of Outlook) and there will be a checkbox to keep a copy of the messages on the server. It should also give you the option to specify for how long.

    That way, when Outlook checks your e-mail it DOESN'T delete the messages until the duration you specified has passed and they should get sent to your BB as you want them to do.

    If your email accounts are IMAP, disregard the above.
    07-02-09 09:30 AM
  7. mtuser2007's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your help. I know that I have POP accounts, and I found the settings in Outlook for leaving the mail on the server. I think I understand now.

    I really appreciate this help. I see the potential in the BB, but it was so frustrating when I could not get it to work right.
    07-02-09 10:35 AM