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    Along with the similar ongoing frustrating experiences with FB's mobile site for BB posted in a previous train wreck thread, Twitter's mobile site and, of course, their native BB application that was abandoned both continue to be irritating as well. I'll post other Twitter application & mobile web issues shortly but will start with Twitter's mobile site that for the last 2 yrs and up to now e-mails me a security alert every time I sign in. The content of the e-mail is listed below. I know about the 'log-in verification' setting in the privacy and security tool but that is NOT turned on. So why am I getting the security e-mails and most importantly how do I turn this off? I don't want to disable e-mail notifications because Twitter's native BB application alerts are not reliable enough alone. For those that may not know, that verification tool is only available on the Twitter's PC site. Thanks


    FROM: [email protected]

    SUBJECT: New Login to Twitter from Firefox Windows

    Hi Twitter Username,

    We noticed a recent login for your account @whatever

    Device: Firefox on Windows

    *Location: City, State > *Location is approximate based on the login's IP address

    If this was you, Great! There's nothing else you need to do.

    If this wasn't you, your account may have been compromised and you should take a few steps to make sure your account is secure. To start, reset your password now.
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    I can tell you that on my 9900 the native Twitter app is working nicely and I do use the Login verification where it sends you a text message if you do ever log out.....

    What Blackberry are you using?

    For any serious changes for editing my account I do as you do, I use desktop mode off the ipad and I actually have the account settings page saved as a fav if need be. It gives you total control as you mentioned.

    My native Twitter app even works good without a sim installed and just running off wifi. Notifications as well.

    I'm sorry thats as far as I can relate because I do not run Twitter off a PC.
    Could it be that someone might be trying to login to your account with your email?

    Facebook started sending those "someone attempted" alerts I have noticed also or if you log in with another one of your devices, of course it will send them as well.....

    VK app also started doing the alerts also.....I think it is becomming standard practice for security or they might be accused of being lackluster in this department.

    Personally I do not care if I can edit off the mobile app because the Tweets are short enough to begin with and I don't mind typing on the Blackberry. So if I have to delete and repost, no biggie.

    -sent from a beautiful Bold 9900
    01-23-17 02:09 AM
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    I agree with you! Things are getting off track lately with some of the apps, the Twitter app especially!

    I can't really grasp their attempts on this... The last update for example was a disaster. Nothing much has changed to begin with, except -and this is the problem- they took the 'Trending' section out!?! Can you believe that?! It's very absurd when you think about. Let's say that this is their last update for BB10m the logical approach would be to make it as good as possible until it lasts. But sabotaging the usability and leaving it at that?! I don't see good intentions...

    (I am using a BB10 device btw.)

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    01-23-17 05:45 AM
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    As I love to check the twitter-trends in Germany I do not use the original twitter app anymore. As was already pointed out some genius at twitter thought that the bb10 app does not need this function.....

    I use Blaq since some time, and I am very happy with the experience...trends included ;-)

    CB10 on my Classic
    01-23-17 01:25 PM
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    Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out!
    01-23-17 03:19 PM
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    Blaq is quite good. I recommend as well

    The White Knight-BlackBerry Passport
    01-24-17 01:59 PM

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