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    Well, I've searched through several similar threads and there didn't seem to be a conclusion that fit for me.

    Basically, I have a Blackberry 8700g. I'm using it with Fido in Canada but it's originally a T-Mobile phone. It has a bit of a mind of it's own. When it's in my pocket, it often makes calls completely by itself. So I have to keep it locked all the time. Recently, however, the phone decided to make a new password for itself. I have now maxed out my number of password entries without erasing my data. The caps lock was not on and I tried the correct password several times so I know it has changed.

    The only solution people have suggested is that I should take it in. It's not something I want to do as I imagine they will charge me to do the work.

    The other possibility is installing BES software or something along those lines. I tried installing it but it encountered some sort of error in the coding of the software and would not continue to install.

    Any other ideas? I want my contacts as they are very important to me.
    10-18-08 06:57 PM
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    Sorry to bring bad news. If your contacts are behind a password the only hope is to guess right on your final attempt. The data is completely inaccessible without the password, and one more error will see it wiped. Taking it in will not help the current problem, the password is still required.

    I guess from your post that you didn't make a backup which you could restore after a password reset and wipe. Bad luck, hard learning experience.
    10-18-08 07:12 PM
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    Unfortunately Branta is correct. No one can recover your data without your password. If your phone has all those problems, and it's in warranty, you should return it. That won't help your curent problem, but it might prevent a recurrence.

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    10-18-08 08:25 PM
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    I hope you have a back up of your data, as the BB will wipe itself clean.

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    10-19-08 02:32 AM
  5. Holden_Caulfield04's Avatar
    Well, there's no backup unfortunately. I probably wouldn't be posting this thread if there was.

    Does it help if I live in the city where RIM is located?

    From my kitchen window, I can see one of the satellite campuses of RIM, and I am about 5-10 minutes walk from the main campus.
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    10-19-08 03:38 PM
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    Nope, not even the programmers can bypass your password. I doubt you will even get sympathy.
    10-19-08 03:54 PM
  7. Holden_Caulfield04's Avatar
    Well...I took a chance and made sure the caps lock was set to OFF and re-entered original password. Success! OK...let's back this data up now.

    I've downloaded software called Blackberry Administrator Service 1.0.1. During the install process it asks for a user name and for a password. I've checked and both are correct, but the program won't accept the password I have given it. What might be the problem?
    10-19-08 04:05 PM
  8. jeffh's Avatar
    BlackBerry User Administrator Service is part of the BES Admin suite. It's intended for use by BES admins, not end users. I don't think running it will do anything for you. It certainly won't help with backing up your data.
    10-19-08 05:34 PM
  9. Branta's Avatar
    Good news, that must have been a heart stopping moment.

    You need Desktop Manager software. Not sure if you can use the latest (v4.6) or if you need an earlier bersion compatible with your phone. Whatever, they are all available for download on the website at BlackBerry
    10-19-08 07:25 PM