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    New BlackBerry's on the way soon!

    As the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 smartphone hits shelves in Canada today, the company's CEO says the next generation is already in the research and development phase, with more affordable devices set to be released later this year.

    The new BB10 operating system and two smartphones -- the Z10 which has a touchpad, and the Q10, which has a physical keyboard -- were unveiled last week in splashy launch parties around the world. Though the Z10 goes on sale in Canada today, it will not be available in the U.S. until March. The Q10's release is not expected until April.

    BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins is excited about the launch of the Z10, but says he's already looking forward to what comes next.

    The BlackBerry Z10 on display as it goes on sale in Toronto on Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013. (Frank Gunn / THE CANADIAN PRESS)

    When asked whether the next BlackBerry 10 phones are already on the drawing board, he told CTV's Canada AM, it's further than that already."

    "It's already in the R&D lab, so my software engineers are coding, my hardware engineers are working on it, that is already done. We're looking for the next generation already," Heins said. "We had a very exciting meeting with my folks yesterday and man, we're up for some really good innovation in the future."

    The BlackBerry 10 launch has been described by some analysts as a make-or-break point for the company which has been outpaced in recent years by Apple and Android devices.

    The company has faced criticism over delays in the development of its new operating system and phones, and most recently the staggered release for the two devices and their relatively high prices, all of which could be a barrier to BlackBerry's many customers in the developing world.

    The Z10 is expected to retail at $149 with a three-year contract, with a much higher price tag for the unlocked version of the phone.

    Heins said the company intentionally targeted the upper tier of the market.

    "We want to win back what we call the high end, the aspiration of customers, because you need to be successful in the high end to also appeal to what we call the mid-tier. And carriers and customers have told us we want you to be iconic again, to be relevant to that sector but also to others," Heins said.

    He added that the company isn't abandoning customers who can't afford the new Z10 or Q10, but still want a BlackBerry product.

    "Over time we will develop a portfolio of exciting BlackBerry 10 products that we will be putting into all those segments," Heins said. "Teams are working hard on it so we will be shipping some other exciting new stuff even this year."

    Read more: As BlackBerry Z10 hits shelves, CEO says next generation already in the works | CTV News
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