1. teagan1's Avatar
    With my old 8330 I could access old time radio shows but alas and alack I can no longer afford my BB on my pension check. Back to the desktop but I can't find my favorite shows. Ideally someone might have an extra BB with an account doing nothing but since that is doubtful could someone please please direct me to free sights that broadcast x-1 or cbs mystery or some such. I used to spend all my free time doing beta testing and stuff but since I am totally disabled my activities are slim and none other than my trusty old BB. Can't use storm so well cause my fingers shake but regular key boards work find.
    If any one needs a beta tester I can earn my keep with an unlimited data plan. No I am not a porn freak but I love trying to make things work that shouldn't
    please at lease send radio info if you can,
    Tim Eagan
    Viet Nam Vet with need for intellectual stim. PS started computers in 1968.
    [email protected]
    Thanks all from one crackhead to another.
    06-13-09 11:39 AM
  2. Snarfler's Avatar
    I don't know about archives of old shows, but a public radio station in DC has an old time radio show program Sunday nights from 7-11PM EDT
    their page about that program - The Big Broadcast
    their listen online page - Listen Live

    sorry that's the best I could offer
    06-13-09 01:13 PM