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    I bought a 7510 BB off ebay.

    I have a nextel sim card with data plan. It came out of a work phone, i355 PTT. Worked fine there.

    There are some missing icons, seems to be every icon that I need.

    Email, browser ect. basically the ones you need the most. I have been reading every forum for two days no and I have tried everything that I have seen so far. Battery pull, soft reboot, register in host, made account and had service books resent, device manager update. I even tried some 7520 service books but still could not get online and email. I did download and install opera mini, that does get me online.

    Does anyone have some old service books lying around from an old 7510. I'm at my wits end.

    I would like to get email. But most important I need the direct connect to work. I don't have the icon or the settings option to turn on/off direct.

    I can get alerts and hear the other user but I can not send. I push the button (I can hear the internal button click, same as on my other phones) but nothing happens.

    Main problems.

    1. No outgoing direct connect.

    2. No NOL, HELP, Email settings or TCP icons.

    Any help would be great. As I said before, I can get online through mini. So direct connect and email my main problems right now. I think some service books would clear that up??????
    12-19-08 02:02 AM