1. bbboozer's Avatar
    I have 12 invites.. If you're intrested please send me a message with your name and email. I feel like everyone should give it a chance so first come first serve. Thanks

    05-08-08 01:12 PM
  2. reeneebob's Avatar
    Dude, seriously - there has been a thread going for days about miutunes. You did not need to start 3 threads on it today all about the same thing.

    05-08-08 01:19 PM
  3. bbboozer's Avatar
    Easy sunshine, I thought I only had 3 and I found out that I had 12.. Is this really a big problem?
    05-08-08 01:32 PM
  4. John Yester's Avatar
    Umm yeah... I think it's big......

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    05-08-08 01:38 PM
  5. bbboozer's Avatar
    Eleven More...
    05-08-08 01:50 PM
  6. Erikgreenlee's Avatar
    FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! But seriously we don't need a thousand active threads on the same subject. Would be nice to go to one spot and find your answer, not have to travel all over everywhere.
    05-08-08 01:54 PM
  7. John Yester's Avatar
    Three threads come on man......




    I am requesting thread merge please into the one that is an active thread for beta testers and requests.
    05-08-08 01:58 PM
  8. bbboozer's Avatar
    One was also about 9000 theme.. And I'm sorry guys I didn't mean to **** anyone off, I just was trying to be nice.
    05-08-08 01:59 PM
  9. John Yester's Avatar
    understood, but just future reference....
    05-08-08 02:07 PM
  10. Mrs. Curvy's Avatar
    please PM me an invite. thanks
    05-08-08 02:47 PM
  11. ina118's Avatar
    Have any more invites? I'm interested

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    05-08-08 02:52 PM
  12. bbboozer's Avatar
    I have 10 invites left, pm me with names and emails Thanks
    05-08-08 02:54 PM