1. Twiztid.Mando's Avatar
    but now since im on wifi calling. does that mean if i call another person thatz on tmo, they are using mins and im not? or is it still Tmo to Tmo Calling?
    01-18-10 04:55 PM
  2. mostlydo's Avatar
    still tmobile to tmobile, did you add the uma calling feature to your plan?
    01-18-10 04:57 PM
  3. Twiztid.Mando's Avatar
    i think so, i asked the Tmo REP that set up my plans and he said that i can call over WIFI which im doing now. im talking to someone on tmo but idk if theyre using mins or not.
    01-18-10 04:59 PM
  4. mostlydo's Avatar
    awesome, you should be good than. if you look on your tmobile account online it should say something about unlimited uma calling. if your buddie is tmobile the call is still in network. for you its unlimited free callin as long as the uma emblem is lit.
    01-18-10 05:01 PM
  5. Twiztid.Mando's Avatar
    yes i have the uma purple/pink bars xD ill see on my account and if it doesnt say anything about it then what?
    01-18-10 05:06 PM
  6. dLo GSR's Avatar
    UMA still uses your minutes
    01-18-10 05:11 PM
  7. Twiztid.Mando's Avatar
    not on tmo if im calling. but if youre calling on uma to another tmo phone is it still Tmo to Tmo ?
    01-18-10 05:14 PM
  8. Twiztid.Mando's Avatar
    okay i figured it out. Tmo no longer has the unlimited HOTSPOT home plan unless you have an old plan with it on. Im disappointed. haha oh well. i guess ill have to stick to my Two bars of EDGE while at im at my house. i hope it doesnt drive me crazy!!
    01-18-10 05:41 PM
  9. lisablue85's Avatar
    I have unlimited HotSpot 4 $9.99 a month. Works in your home too, free if u initiate the call, not if you receive...at least that was what I was told. It's still available as an extra.
    01-18-10 06:14 PM
  10. Twiztid.Mando's Avatar
    oh, idk im confused about even after i called CCare. i thought maybe if i called over UMA/wifi it would still be an Tmo to Tmo call and not use my mins. :/
    01-18-10 06:25 PM
  11. syllableslayer's Avatar
    UMA, or Unlicensed Mobile Access; is just a way of accessing a network as if it were a radio such as edge, gprs, and 3g.

    The gains of uma over, say plain vanilla GSM, is that your router acts like a pseudo-radio source. Imagine making a call 5 feet away from a t-mobile radio tower; thats the real advantage of UMA.

    The stronger your access point, the more range UMA would have. It works wonders in my office building, and in my dead zone of an apartment :<

    UMA utilizes wireless fidelity (wifi) to use the internet connection to, in this case, connect to t-mobile web towers. Theres no real magic here, you will STILL use minutes off your plan, having UMA on one service does NOT warrant you "free calls" and whatnot.

    However, you can still use the @home service if you ALREADY have had it, as it has been grandfathered over as a discontinued service, along with the MyFaves.

    Though its not confirmed, this is most likely having to do with the new unlimited plans as well as the roll-out of the no contract post-paids.

    Basically, if you HAVE @home, you're good, but if you don't; tough cookies.

    Just consider it like UMA was never there, its just a signal booster for you.

    That being said, you *may* be able to get by a customer service rep (depending on their mood, your results may vary) and sneak it by as an addon service, but its pretty rare. Possible! But rare.

    The biggest promise of UMA, in my opinion, is that its a manipulative service. (Like when the airport makes you pay for a wifi service, but you can just as easily get it from another public source for free?)

    Imagine an app not unlike Tether (TetherBerry) that can harness your UMA signal and be able to make calls via skype, msn, and other public services that offer voice calls for free!

    If you have any questions, i can either answer them for you or we can find out together via BBM. I've been itching to have an excuse to keep that on my device, so have at it

    Those are my 2 cents, feel free to point out my errors.
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    01-18-10 06:52 PM
  12. Twiztid.Mando's Avatar
    haha thankz i will try a CCare REP ahain to see if i kan get it as an addon if im lucky! xD
    01-18-10 08:19 PM