1. Jim from NW Pa's Avatar
    Just curious see it around here a lot....

    Answer a stupid question for a soon to be BB newbie
    02-26-09 12:27 PM
  2. cairne's Avatar
    It is a hex set that identifies your specific phone, it is used in conjunction with the blackberry messenger program. Which is basicly an IM for bb users only.
    02-26-09 12:33 PM
  3. Jim from NW Pa's Avatar
    I see thanks
    02-26-09 01:03 PM
  4. zarzamora_hermosa's Avatar
    It actually goes beyond that. It serves like a VIN for a vehicle. Each BlackBerry device has it's one PIN and it does not change, even if ownership does. Yes, BB Messenger uses it for Instant Messaging, but other programs can use it for identifying transactions made by each BlackBerry user.
    02-26-09 01:08 PM
  5. alan.wine's Avatar
    whats a google?
    02-26-09 03:51 PM
  6. kmurph77's Avatar
    whats a google?
    A google? Its one of those interweb detectives. Don't be a **** man!

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    02-26-09 03:59 PM
  7. alan.wine's Avatar
    thank you
    02-26-09 04:03 PM