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    OK, when I first joined this site/community in mid november I had just purchased a PlayBook and had a few questions. Normally I ask a few, then I answer a few to get a balance, then I'm back to my life. But here I saw the community right away and started coming back all the time and the more I came here the more I found people ******** about trolls and I thought it was all a bit extreme. Why care so much, and so on. BUT!

    I'm tech support for a living, worked for Apple and have had many jobs in IT. Own/run a firm now doing consulting and support. background.

    So my playbook choked and I had to send it in to RIM. Bummer, it happens. I posted here about it and had someone jump in on the thread calling me a liar and saying I don't know what I'm talking about and so on, really getting on my nerves and it hit me. Same as the whole troll issue. He is making me feel the way the average troll makes a user here feel.

    Just because someone going on about android or iOS doesn't bug me is ok but I can now see how it could be very, very annoying. in fact I am mad as h e l l.

    So if in the future you read one of my early posts about people complaining about trolls too much, I take it back, I take it all back. I now hate the trolls as much as I should have all along.

    Round em up, round up the little gutter snipes, lock em up and throw away the key.
    01-12-12 10:42 PM
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    It takes awhile, but you can eventually pick them out. The Ignore list is a wonderful thing.
    01-12-12 10:47 PM
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    +1 They provide no value to the end user, its the page hits that keeps them around. Theres like 6 maybe 10 trolls, that if banned we could all enjoy the site again. (for a wile)
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    01-12-12 10:48 PM
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    It takes awhile, but you can eventually pick them out. The Ignore list is a wonderful thing.
    yes it is. Giving it my first spin around the block now. can;t wait to see how she handles. lol.

    Now that its all funny again (to me), its hilarious to read through the thread again and watch it all build up. I didn't see it coming, then boom. My eyes are now fully open.
    01-12-12 10:50 PM
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    Problem is that sometimes legit BB fans / users get called trolls or blamed for trolling for simply expressing their dislikes or problems with their devices. But repeat trolls can and should be reined in .....
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    01-12-12 10:54 PM
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    This is not pointed at the OP at all, just a general statement for all and we will leave it at that.

    [NOTE]No individual member should consider themselves as someone who is above the rules. If you stand out in the community as someone who trolls, swears, belittles, etc. - on an ongoing basis - our infractions system will work as intended. We, as Forum Moderators, Managers, and Administrators hold ourselves to the same standards and do our best to "think before we post." We ask that you do the same.[/NOTE]
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    01-12-12 11:08 PM