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    I am trying to go through the guides. For some reason my OS doesnt have options like the online guides tell you to do, and I think it may be the OS.

    For example, I can't find content protection anywhere under settings. I also don't have 'General Settings' in the Security options under the settings. A lot of research into forum posts has me now worried about an IT Policy on my phone.

    If I reinstall the OS, does it wipe everything on the phone (IT policy included)? Is there a way to wipe the OS without using some third party apps? Does blackberry supply a OS reinstall software?

    My other question is whether installing an OS that is not supplied by your supplied OK? Do I lose things provided in my supplier's OS, such as applications that checks account balances, etc? Also do I need to reconfigure settings, like the APN setting?
    04-29-10 01:06 PM
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    This thread will help you if there is an IT policy on the device. Other than that, you can use any official OS that is made for your device.

    Find the OS, download it, delete the vendor .xml file as noted, then put it on your DM, hook up, and it should tell you an update is available.

    When your device restores, the backup process should return all of your settings. Make sure to make a backup file before you start, that way if something errors out, you can wipe and reload your OS.

    Make sure you back up any 3rd party apps, also.

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    About content protection

    Content protection is designed to encrypt your BlackBerry device data. When content protection is turned on, your device uses a private key to encrypt data as it is stored on the device, including data that your device receives when it is locked. Your device decrypts data as you access it.

    You can set content protection to include or exclude your contacts. If you turn on content protection for contacts and you receive a call when the device is locked, the caller name does not appear on the screen.

    When you lock your device, an open lock indicator appears in the device status section of the screen to indicate that your device is deleting a copy of the private key from the temporary device memory. A lock indicator appears when the device has deleted the key.

    Protect your device data
    Verify that you have set a BlackBerry device password.
    1. In the device options, click Security Options.
    2. Click General Settings.
    3. Change the Content Protection field to Enabled.
    4. Press the Menu key.
    5. Click Save.
    The Option Menu structure makes it a challenge to find some things. That is where your user's guide will come in very handy. I suspect you will find it, when you look in the right place.

    Do you need it? Not very likely. If your device is lost the password will stop any normal person from accessing your information. It is there for the cases where technical analysis on the actual memory chip is being used to recover the information. Only top business, government leaders and criminals would consider it a threat.

    Your carrier, Virgin Mobile, only services BIS connected BlackBerry. You don't have to be concerned about IT policies unless your employer supplies the BlackBerry and the BES service to implement a policy.

    whether installing an OS that is not supplied by your supplied OK? ...
    The first point to note, all BlackBerry Device OS packages are common to all carriers. It is only the internal branding of the device that controls which software options can be installed.

    You will have likely noticed, we post the most current carrier approved software in each device sub forum. In the vast majority of cases, the latest version of software will be the most reliable becasue something has been changed internally, mostly for the better.

    It is up to your carrier to inspect and approve new device software, they are the ones investing in training their Customer Service folks and systems. They have to be convinced there is a good reason for making a change so most are very reluctant to pursue minor version upgrades.... CrackBerry addicts, not so much.
    04-29-10 02:35 PM
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    THanks for the info.

    I tried looking through each one in the options in a systematic manner and I honestly do not see it. I personally don't need the missing options but I want to understand what each one does. I am also a little bit miffed because I purchased the phone as 'new', but I am not getting options while others report they have.

    Oh I see, so if I were to install the OS upgrade suggested around here (the CSL one i think?), I don't lose the virgin software and branding right? E.g. when I turn the phone on, I dont see CSL, but I still see Virgin right?

    I actually have a few issues with the OS that I didnt mention of course, like my WIFI logo stays on even when I turn it off in connections (it is actually off also cause I cant connect when I turn off the mobile network also). Plus this business about me not finding menu options has me wanting to reinstall the new OS. Otherwise the phone works in that I can make calls and I can go online to webpages, which is all I care about ultimately. I guess I just want to get all this stuff out of the way so that my device is in perfect order, so I can 'smooth sail' for until I need a new phone.
    04-29-10 03:43 PM
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    I honestly do not see it. ...
    Lets take it one step at a time.

    You have a BlackBerry Bold 9700, right?

    BlackBerry<sup>®</sup> Bold<sup>„</sup> 9700 - Virgin Mobile Canada - Virgin Mobile Canada

    On your home screen, locate the Options icon, it looks like a wrench.

    Open Options, look for Security Options, alphabetical order makes it simple to find.

    General Options should be in the list, open it too.

    Scroll down, if content protection is not there, please list the contents of of your General Options group.

    when I turn the phone on, I dont see CSL, but I still see Virgin right? ...

    04-29-10 05:45 PM
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    I absolutely do NOT have 'General Options' inside my security menu. I also do not find 'content protection' (or the ability to select address book etc) anywhere on my options. I have already systematically looked through each window. I am somehow convinced my OS is crippled in some way?

    Oh so installing the CSL one on Virgin phone will not influence my 'Account information' Icon where I can check my account balance right? Also I do not need to redo settings to use the web, like APN settings?

    Also is there a way to clean wipe my OS without using third party software? Thanks
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