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    I just today got a storm theme on my 8120 and now I have this cool little cloud on my home screen that when i scroll over it, it tells me the whether! On the screen! Where I am at! haha I did not know that this was even available and for it to just pop up and put itself on my phone is an awesome little suprise....how do I find out where this came from so I can make sure it doesnt go away? Anyone see this before?.....noob here
    11-22-08 11:30 PM
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    Sounds like the AccuWeather web signals

    BlackBerry - Web Signals - Accuweather
    11-22-08 11:57 PM
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    thanks for the reply! that may be it but I have never downloaded it and I just always go online to check the whether and I didnt have this little icone before this theme....and it didnt show up right away after i downloaded the theme either which is whats kinda strange. I just was out and about and looked at my phone and noticed my message icon at the the bottom dock (today plus theme) had moved over and I looked close and saw this little cloud and scrolled over it and it popped up the whether and temp where I was at! nifty I love it....just seems weird how it happened.

    edit: acctually that link does not look like what I have...i dont have to click anything I just scroll over it and it shows up on the home screen right above the bar of icons.
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    11-23-08 12:02 AM
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    Crazy same thing happen to me tonight! I never DL it. I never thought of it then next thing there it is weird

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    11-23-08 02:30 AM
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    Web signals is not something you download. It's a pushed icon to your BB that when highlighted will show the high and low temp along with a short description of the weather.
    11-23-08 03:52 AM