1. BostonMike's Avatar
    ....I'll ask it anyway.

    If I buy an ebook and it comes with a reader that means I will be able to "read" my book on my BB, correct? It will not read it to me like an audio book, correct?
    06-06-08 07:49 AM
  2. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Correct - Ebooks are "read", not listened to.

    And there are no stupid questions here.
    06-06-08 07:51 AM
  3. BostonMike's Avatar
    Thanks Chaz.

    Does CB sell audio books? If not does anyone know a good resource? I would like to listen to books during my commute.
    06-06-08 08:04 AM
  4. chaz_cb's Avatar
    Here's a thread that discusses it -
    06-06-08 08:10 AM
  5. adambigge's Avatar
    There are a number of audiobooks on various P2P networks out there. I use a bitTorrent type program to get mine. Check out isoHunt - the BitTorrent and P2P search engine for a huge list of them. AudioBooks are great for when you are on long drives or mowing the lawn.
    06-06-08 08:59 AM
  6. NoMoreWindows's Avatar
    no stupid questions, just stupid answers
    06-06-08 09:02 AM
  7. BostonMike's Avatar
    Thanks for the great links guys!
    06-06-08 09:20 AM