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    Updated GM Oct 31st

    My Location via 2.3.1 was very close to being spot on.
    Since the update 2.3.2 is off by 12 miles.

    Running on a Blackberry Curve 8320 w/T-Mobile.
    OS is

    The towers it has triangulated for My Location (w/ 2.3.2) are no where
    near where I am now.
    Using another Curve with 2.3.1 installed on it, My Location is
    correct. Or re-installing 2.3.1 on my 8320.

    This is with both Curves using WiFi or EDGE, in the same room.
    Swapping SIM cards produces the same thing, 2.3.1 is correct for My
    Location, 2.3.2 is 12+ miles off for My Location. There are a lot of TMO towers, much closer than what version 2.3.2 is saying I'm near.

    Now the odd thing is, and I have no idea is this is tied into the web
    version of Google maps, but the new my location, is pretty much my old
    home address, 12 miles from where I live now. This was one of the
    spots I put a marker on the Web version of google maps. (have since found the web and mobile versions are not connected as of yet)

    Anyway to force 2.3.2 to the correct towers for My Location?

    It's strange that all older versions of the program that have My Location as a feature, can narrow the tower triangulation, to pretty close to where I actually am. So far the workaround is to just re-install 2.3.1. (grumble mumble snark snark)

    Any idea of what may have changed?
    11-18-08 10:25 AM