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    Hi there,

    I'm not particularly new to blackberry considering my 9700 is my third and I'm not completely unfamiliar with much of the setup, not shying away from an unofficial OS etc. However, when it comes to my understanding of how the Blackberry internet service or BIS works, I am not really plugged in.
    My attention was brought to this more so recently where I have experienced issues with my service on O2 UK.
    My experiences were that not only did I find myself losing e-mail for several hours but I also lost phone signal (voice, sms etc) for at least 3 hrs at a time experiencing only SOS signal for this period of time. Having experienced this lack of voice call ability, I started to quiz other people on the same network (most of which were not on Blackberry) and these were not experiencing issues.
    Having understood that the outages may have been caused by upgrades to BIS, I am confused as to how I might lose my voice call and sms capability.
    Therefore my question is, do voice calls go through BIS? How can upgrades in BIS impact the speed my phone works and whether I have voice call service?
    Can anyone recommend a website which might give more insight into the workings of BIS.

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    06-03-10 07:52 PM