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    My friend is due for a upgrade and was looking forward to buying a bold 9900 untill she called her NEW network provider O2 (which was tmobile) where something interesting happened. She told me that she wanted a bold 9900 but out of curiosity asked about the 4S and they offered her a iPhone 4S for £32 a month for 2 years and £60 upfront with unlimited text,calls and limited or unlimited internet(i cannot remember which) then they offered a Bold 9900 for £42 a month (before the £5 for blackberry services' for 2 years and less minutes and texts.

    This is very odd because in the UK the iphone is probably the most expensive phone on contract. Is this how Apple is shifting so many iphones or isit just o2 doing this.

    BTW she is getting the iphone and keeping her old blackberry and several of my friends have also received this deal.

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    04-21-12 10:48 AM