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    I'll try & make this short. I purchased a BB Torch contract on O2 a few months ago. The Mrs especially likes the BBM. I contacted O2 enquiring if it was possible to add a BB bolton to her old O2 'Pay Up Front For Life' contract. I was informed to upgrade her old sim to a 3G, then the BBBolton for �3/mnth. (Wasn't wanting to pay too much as we already have one contract thats underused.) Thought this sounded OK, so arranged new 3G sim, transferred her number when this arrived, and about 1 week later aquired a good secondhand BB Storm for her (she prefferes the larger screen and sure type pressing on the screen). Contacted O2 again to have the BB Bolton added, only to be told I was misinformed, and they would not be unable to add this to her contract now.
    They have offered me some financial compensation, but I would rather have the BB Bolton for the Mrs. Does anyone know where I stand with this. Are they really unable to add the BB Bolton. Or just trying to get her of the old contract for a costly new one.
    Any comments/advise is very much appreciated.
    05-16-11 12:26 PM
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    o2 are ****. There's no two ways about it.

    Firstly I'd walk into a store, tell them that you'd been informed that you can have the BB bolt on, and see if they do it. My flatmate picked up a second hand 8900 in town, walked into Vodafone and they put BB services on his account free of charge within 20 minutes. See if o2 will match this. They should be able to access the system and click services on, but knowing o2 it's doubtful they will.

    Failing this, email them using the form online. You'll get a response of some halfwit Indian (look out for 'Prerna' - she's particularly bad) after a couple of days, most likely saying something along the lines of "We sell Blackberry in store and online you ring this number we give you phone" or some idiotic irrelevant bull****.

    Then reply to this email, calmly say that you're dissatisfied with the response and customer service (especially given you'd already been promised on the phone and shelled out �3 a month on an o2 employee's advice) CC in these addresses to the email:
    [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    ... and inform them that you've CC'd in the complaints team because you're unhappy. (the mycare address ensures the reply reaches o2, as the email from the indian has a reply-to of an unmonitored address)

    Usually within 2-10 days a nice English person will contact you and completely resolve your problem. This is the only way to deal with o2 I have found.
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    05-16-11 04:40 PM