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    So after reading a couple of the posts on the new OS, I was wondering if the new and supposedly improved media player still takes years to load music up when you have 1000+ songs, or did they end up fixing this annoying bug?

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    10-13-08 09:20 PM
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    So no one knows? All I want to know is if it loads all your songs or does it miss a bunch like the older media player

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    10-14-08 06:39 PM
  3. flchick75's Avatar
    I upgraded for about 1 week and then went back. Yes I saw a loading bar at the bottom of my screen, same thing with pics. I downgraded...it was annoying!

    It wasn't any faster, trust me...
    10-14-08 06:43 PM
  4. Garz's Avatar
    Its only a little slow loading back up(media player) if I turn of my BB or do a reboot. I have about 600 songs on mine but overall I can't complain.
    10-14-08 06:56 PM
  5. flchick75's Avatar
    I only have about 100 songs and about 9 pics on mine and it's slow. (I KNOW I'm a BB lightweight LOL) I have empowerpro so the email upgrade didn't make it worth it to me and I downgraded like I mentioned.
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    10-14-08 07:03 PM