1. outlawsamskatz's Avatar
    I'm at my its end with this boostberry. I have the 8350i unlimited 50 bucks a month. For some reason all the sudden my data has gone away. My understanding is that the 'L' is for data. I have tried a restore of an older version I had. I have tried reinstalling the service books properly. I am just at a point where I dont know what to do next. I can't send or receive any txts like I once could. I also can't register my bb like I've tried a million times via options-adv opt- hosting table- register... etc. Ugh someone please help. I have looked through out the threads and I cant seem to find anything that is specifically helping this problem PLEASE help thanks
    09-22-10 10:48 PM
  2. hightack's Avatar
    Your service books may not be installed properly. How many service books show after uploading to the phone?
    09-23-10 07:45 AM