1. Lisa-Marie's Avatar
    I have just transfered a song (for my ringtone) which is superclear on my other phone. yet on this blackberry its not clear at all it makes this ssssssssh sound. its loud and all but not clear at all. is it because its a faulty phone or what? this phone is seriously annoying me now lol
    02-26-09 09:34 AM
  2. wnm's Avatar
    Could be a media format. Not sure if ringtones need to be specific for BB's.
    02-26-09 09:46 AM
  3. Lisa-Marie's Avatar
    Oh right. I totally love this phone but it can also annoy the **** out of me at the same time lol. Obviously not the phones fault, its me, i know nothing about them.
    I hope theres nothing wrong with it. It just seems so clear on my other phones, and its terrible on the BB.
    02-26-09 10:37 AM
  4. Lisa-Marie's Avatar
    Seems to be the speakerphone or something as soon as i clicked the unnactivate speakerphone the song was really clear, yet when i put it as a ringtone it was still really bad quality. and its very low. not loud at all.
    02-26-09 03:27 PM