1. fishcube's Avatar
    How do I transfer notes from a notepad from one BB to another?

    I have a lot of notes and don't want to type them all over again.


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    09-04-09 09:28 PM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    One way would be to sync the first BlackBerry to Outlook, then sync the second. Another way would be to make a backup of just the notepad database, then restore it on the second phone. I haven't done that, but it should work. Be sure to make a full backup before doing anything. Finally, there is ABC Amber BlackBerry Convertor, which will allow you to edit and manipulate your backup files.
    09-04-09 10:38 PM
  3. xliderider's Avatar
    I believe the Device Switch wizard would work as well.
    09-05-09 04:11 AM