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    Hi! I'm not currently a blackberry, or smartphone user. I'm a student and I need to have a smartphone that I can organise stuff with. I need a clear, graphic calendar. As well as the ability to take tons of notes. I'm not looking for anything too fancy, but a bit of bells-and-whistles wouldn't be bad.
    Can someone tell me of the blackberry I might want to get? I hate iPhones, and blackberries look nice to me, just not sure which to get.
    Your help is appreciated.
    08-28-10 03:27 AM
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    Take notes, as in during a class or something? If that's what you mean, then I doubt you'll be able to type fast enough on any smartphone to keep up with the pace of something like that, even with autotext.

    What carrier do you use? That helps determine what devices will be available to you if you want to stick with your current carrier.

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    08-28-10 06:18 AM
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    In this discussion I must ask, Could you please advice for Airtel? That's what I am using as of now. Later on, I shall be able to get AT&T. Please let me know.
    08-28-10 07:53 AM
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    I'd suggest going to your carriers store to see and play with what they have. Figure out which keyboard is more comfortable for you to type on. I'd also suggest to look at ones that have a trackpad and wifi, either the Bolds or Curves.
    08-28-10 08:15 AM
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    I live in Australia, and they don't really have them with any carriers here, so I'd probably just buy it unlocked from a good website I know. It wouldn't be used for notes in class, it'd be for calendars, and for me to remember stuff like homework, or things I just think of during school.
    Currently I've just been writing stuff down on my hands, and making tons of alarms on my phone, which isn't the best way of remembering things.
    I would only really be using the Internet at school or from home on wifi, and only for looking up stuff occasionally.
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    08-28-10 05:44 PM
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    Would a Blackberry work well as a PDA, or electronic pocket organizer?
    I'm thinking about a Curve 8900, or Bold, or Storm 2.
    08-29-10 05:08 AM
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    I like the BB calendar, but I've not studied the android calendar much, so I can't say if that might be as good or better.

    BB has a built in task manager, memo pad, and calendar, which you can use Google sync with to sync the calendar to your google calendar if you have one.

    Then again though, even a low-tech sheet of paper and pencil are better than writing on yourself...

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    08-29-10 03:17 PM
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    so you wont be connecting this to a data plan? my berry on wifi is terrible. I would look into another option. maybe itouch or android w a nice sized screen
    08-29-10 11:06 PM
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    The Bold 9650 has a great qwerty that is comfortable to type on, as well as having WIFi also has a recorder. Calendar, etc. You can't beat this device. it is the best
    08-29-10 11:41 PM
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    Would a Blackberry work well as a PDA, or electronic pocket organizer?
    I'm thinking about a Curve 8900, or Bold, or Storm 2.
    Perhaps I reading too simple into your question, but I have always thought of the BlackBerry as a PDA. I think it's organizational capabilities are among it's strongest attributes. It seems to me that your question is more applicable to apps than it is for hardware. There are apps out there that should do what you are asking. Check out BlackBerry App World and go surfing sections on education, note takers, alarms, and calendars to see if any of those apps work for you. Another good reference point would be to search the 3rd Party Apps sub forum of CrackBerry Forums for good suggestions for apps that meet your needs. Here is a link to the Education section of BB App World for you to check it out online. You should be able to check other categories and search for apps once on the site.

    Which BlackBerry you get out of the three you mention, depends on how you want to access your device - touch screen or physical keyboard. Out of those 3 devices you mention, only the Bold, 9650 and up, is expected to get OS 6. Storm 2 and Curve 8900 are not getting OS 6. A Storm refresh unit that will support OS 6 is expected to be on the market in October 2010. I don't know that you need OS 6 to do what you want, but it's just a FYI in case you want OS 6.
    08-29-10 11:48 PM