01-31-13 07:15 PM
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    Oh please I don't understand American customers. You guys give BlackBerry all the ****, and others give them the love. At least Indonesia did, Malaysia did.

    When we get early launch dates we're good, we got them late we're still good.

    Americans. As if you fellas (yes, you non BlackBerry-totting fellas) would want to buy a BlackBerry immediately. Go whine at AT&T and Verizon and others.

    You guys get subsidized deals, BlackBerry Maps, etc, and ye all are still whining.

    No wonder American market's such a toxic.

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    You clearly have not read the entire thread. USA customers are upset at the delay for release because we do not want to see BB fail here again. Its not being selfish. Its showing concern for a company we love that we want to help successfully launch in a market they have clearly lost. Not all Americans are selfish azzholes. It was devastating on so many levels when droid and iOS took over. No one wants to run a business with a toy.
    You successfully run a business with a Berry.
    01-31-13 12:59 AM
  2. badiyee's Avatar
    Well, that IS the point, exactly. Irregardless how, even if US of A did have a 24 hour launch window, or immediate, the American customers will still whine. Over hardware, over netflix and other apps (the biggest LOL I had from this side of the earth)

    If I am neutral (obviously I'm not) I'll still have America as "last launched" segment for very good reasons.

    1) There are plenty of markets where users want BlackBerries, and BBRY does not need to invest in heavy marketting. A launch, and a little push. These include India, Indoenesia, S.Africa, etc. Low maintenance, easily happy customers. Low expenditure high gains. If I was BBRY I would have bombed these markets with everything I have. increase and solidify the bases.

    2) High expenditure low returns: the consumer (not enterprise) user base falls into this. Especially customers who frown upon BIS. Even in SEA markets there are plenty of this. Trend-followers, especially markets like Thailand (they follow Korean influences), are best kept later. Because right now there's quick money to be grabbed. How Americans fall into this category? Because American customers are more fickle than your average consumer.
    3) Penetrate into markets (ioS, android users, WP installed base users) ultra hard to convince, and even higher maintenance and upkeep to keep them happy. Why bother?

    Did I **** a lot of Americans in my previous post? Yes, admittedly. But when the past 3 months BBRY was doing most of it stuffs outside of even Canada and USA, I saw it coming, and it happened. And F.B of BBRY did once say America will get it much later than other markets because BBRY wanted to repay the markets that have been VERY LOYAL to the brand.

    Cue the "omg BBRY hates USA" trolls amongst CB-ers and "non BB-trotting" trolls.

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    01-31-13 01:30 AM
  3. TheQuietRioter's Avatar
    Yeah. Im not agreeing with what you just said, but you have your right to feel that way. Thank you for your input. Its something to ponder.
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    01-31-13 02:18 AM
  4. christenmartin's Avatar
    It may be the carriers fault but the blame falls also on Blackberry. They have personnel working with the carriers and they should have been wise enough to know that it was super important that they have the carriers on board prior to this date. They needed to work something out so that it HAPPENED! Spending 3.8 million on a ad and then at the same time saying not available is a killer. The US might not be the center of the world but the US stock market drives many parts of the world. The stock market is already speaking loud and clear about this delay. We may see $6 prices again before any american ever has a phone in their hands. Blame it on carrier or Blackberry the results is not good for the future of BLACKBERRY
    Totally agree. We continually heard how they were working with carriers and how excited they were about bb10. This does not represent carriers on board. I do hope sales are strong else where which will prop the stock up.
    01-31-13 04:38 PM
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    The USA is not the center of the world.
    No we are not, but then neither are you and what ever country your in.
    But I bet the US, as a whole have and use more smartphones then most.



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    01-31-13 07:15 PM
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