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    Yes, I'm afraid so, sorry!

    Hi, I'm a newbie, both to this forum and to BlackBerry in general.

    I recently picked up a 9800 Torch for next to no money and I thought I'd be able to get to grips with it pretty quickly. I've come from a Samsung i900 Omnia, so I'm not new to smartphones! However, this BlackBerry has me stumped.

    I've read through a lot of threads both here and all over the Internet trying to work out how to connect my Torch to my home network via Wi-Fi, but I'm at a loss as to how to get it to work.

    A little background: I'm on Orange with a PAYG SIM, which I've been using with my Omnia for the past two years with no problem. When I top up my account I get free mobile internet for the rest of that month so I don't relly feel I need a specific BlackBerry add-on. I doubt I'll be using any of the features that require a specific data plan as I'll just be using the Torch for picking up webmail by using my free Orange internet access. Following me? (Sorry, it's late here and I'm not sure I'm making sense!)

    So, I've tried tweeking the TCP settings and I can connect to the internet via Orange Mobile Internet with no problems using Opera Mini. If I try and connect using the built-in browser I seem to get get "Cannot connect to server" error more often than not. (On a side note, I prefer Opera Mini anyway as it seem to be much faster.)

    However, no matter what I do I simply cannot get the Torch to connect to my home network via Wi-Fi. Do I have to buy a data plan for this function to work? If so that does seem somewhat counter productive.

    In over two years of use I never had a single problem getting my Omnia to connect to my home network. If I can't get the Torch to do the same without having to buy an add-on I have no real use for then this "upgrade" seems more of a backwards step than a forwards one.

    I hope someone will take pitty on a poor Windows Mobile user and let me know what the heck I'm doing wrong so I don't have to give up this otherwise excellent phone!

    Many thanks for reading yet another "dear Gods, please help me!" thread!

    04-10-11 06:35 PM
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    No-one? Could really use some help with this. Don't really want to get rid of this phone but if there's no solution to this problem I'll have to shift it and get something that works with wi-fi.
    04-13-11 05:45 PM