1. hibanzai's Avatar
    My blackberry protect doesn't backup all my contacts for some reason! My txtlater app doesn't link will all my contacts too! For example, if I type the name of a contact in the to: tab, it doesn't bring up the contact, this happens for all new contacts I added recently on my blackberry.

    Backing up with my desktop software works fine, but with blackberry protect, like I mentioned earlier, only the old contacts are backed up.

    Also, how do you save contacts on sim cards? Like the dumb phones, they used to ask if you want to save said contact on phone, or sim.

    Another question, how do you sync your bb contacts with gmail? I'd like gmail to update the contacts from my bb, not vise versa, otherwise I just get duplicate contacts from whatever gmail's got. Shouldn't it be a two way sync operation?

    I thought I found the best backup solution with bb protect, doesn't seem to be the case. Unfortunately.
    04-07-11 12:11 PM