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    I'm hoping someone on this forum can help me out of point me to the right directions
    Basically on My Curve 8830 I can't seem to receive test message from other carriers ( VZW, ATT , T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile)
    I able to send it fine and they do receive them but if they try to reply or send me as SMS it never make it to my Berry
    I checked every setting on the phone and there is no blocks , same with Sprint CSR when I called and they checked my account ..everything looks fine

    So I did some further testing with my Wife phone (Virgin Mobile) I send a bunch of Text from my BB to here's and it come fine ...but when replying or sending SMS...... Nada.......rien.. nothing

    My Brother is On Metroc PCS and do receive my text but he send one ...it never come to my inbox..........

    Co workers on Verizon same things They get my SMS but they send me and i never get them

    a couple of Friends on ATTnotice the same

    I'm so frustrated , as I have people wondering why I never got back to them when they texted me last week.

    I went to The Sprint store and they wiped clean the Curve and they tried to send a message from a Nextel phone and it never made it.
    They gave me a new Curve and I'm still having the same problem and they reffered me to call Blackberry??? WTF I guess for them since I do get text ( from within their network it's working and there nothing else they can do)

    Please help me..............
    08-29-09 04:41 PM