1. rachel.zientek's Avatar
    I just got my 8130 yesterday. I have a lot of music loaded on my microSD card. I can play the songs through the phone loudspeaker. I would like to be able to listen to the music through the bluetooth I have. I have tried with both the motorola H500 and the H555. I usually just click on "receive using bluetooth". After I click that, the phone comes up with a box that says "File Transfer-Waiting for connection". After this box comes up, it stays up and does not do anything else after that. I can even leave it up for 20 minutes and nothing happens. I just click cancel.

    Well, I have the bluetooth connected to the phone or "paired". Anyway, I can use the bluetooth for everthing that its supposed to be used for besides listening to music.
    Any advise?
    07-10-08 11:47 PM
  2. cire0309's Avatar
    you'll need a stereo bluetooth (A2DP) headset...

    your headset/handsfree profile will only play single channel (mono) stuff... i upgraded from an H700 to a Jabra BT8040 which will play my media... you can also try the Moto S9, people have seemed to like that one too...
    07-14-08 12:09 AM
  3. tnkrer's Avatar
    The "receive using bluetooth" is for getting the files from your bluetooth enabled computer to blackberry (I think). So that wont help

    you wont get stereo if you dont have A2DP headset. However, you (and I) should get music on bluetooth that we have since it provides headset service. For some reason, I can not get the headset service turned on. It shows handsfree when my bt-350 connects to the curve 8320. however it does not say "headset". In device properties, it does show handsfree and headset as available services.

    Lets hope someone helps us out
    07-17-08 10:36 AM
  4. kims00's Avatar
    I have a Jabra BT250v, a Motorola H700, and my car's bluetooth, and I can't play music out of any of them!!! HELP!!!

    There's got to be a way. It's obviously a software issue since the phone can transmit sound to the bluetooth device.

    (not that it's germaine to this thread, but in the process of trying to figure this out, I figured out how to transmit my contact list to my car's bluetooth...AWESOME).
    07-20-08 10:57 AM
  5. tnkrer's Avatar
    there has to be a way to activate the headset profile on the bluetooth
    someone help us out!
    07-29-08 03:40 PM